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The Holy Land and the locations where Jesus was born, lived, announced his kingdom and was crucified have always been the center of Christian devotion.  But at different times in history, peoples controlled this land who did not share this same devotion and sometimes made Christian access to these sacred sites difficult.  For this reason replicas of these holy places were made so the faithful could visit these sites in spirit. 

One of the most popular of these devotions was the "Stations of the Way of the Cross", which were imitations of the Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrows) in Jerusalem.  By the late sixteenth century the fourteen stations, as we know them today, were erected in almost all Catholic churches.

The recently canonized Saint Josemaría Escrivá, taught that Christian joy has its roots in the shape of a cross.  If the Passion of Christ is a way of pain, it is also a path of hope leading to certain victory.  He explained, "You should realize that God wants you to be glad and that, if you do all you can, you will be happy, very, very happy, although you will never for a moment be without the Cross.  But that Cross is no longer a gallows.  It is the throne from which Christ reigns.  And at his side is his Mother, our Mother too.  The Blessed Virgin will obtain for you the strength that you need to walk decisively in the footsteps of her Son."     

Come, let us retrace through the Way of the Cross, the great suffering and sorrows which Christ endured that he could gain for us the opportunity to reach heaven.  May we find through the Stations below, the joy of knowing that Jesus endured all this because he loves each of us more than anything on this earth.   

    Baltimore Cathedral - Baltimore, MD
    Basilica of the Immaculate Conception - Jacksonville, FL
    Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception - Washington, D.C.
    Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - Zagreb, Croatia
    Church of the Immaculate Conception - Kaštel Stafilić, Croatia
        Parish procession honoring Our Lady of Carmel - Kaštel Stafili
ć, Croatia
        Special Sunday Mass at St. Nofrius Church - Kaštel Stafilić, Croatia
    Church of the Nativity - Atherton, CA
    Divine Mercy University - Sterling, VA
    Dominican Monastery - Detroit, MI
    Holy Trinity - Gainesville, VA   
    Holy Trinity - Georgetown, Washington, DC
    Loretto Chapel - Santa Fe, NM
    Loyola on the Potomac - Faulkner, MD
    Mt. Križevac - The Cross Mountain - Medjugorje, Bosnia
    Oblates of St. Francis de Sales - Childs, MD   
    Old Sacred Heart Cathedral - Detroit, MI
    Our Lady of Consolation, Basilica and National Shrine - Carey, OH
        Upper Church  -  Lower Church
    Our Lady of Lourdes - Arlington, VA
    Our Lady of the Rosary - San Diego, CA
    Our Lady of Victory - Georgetown, Washington, DC
    Pictures & Prayers from an old Bible
    St. Ambrose Chapel - Annandale, VA
    St. Andrew - Roanoke, VA
    St. Anne - Mackinac, MI
    St. Francis of Assisi - Quincy, IL   
    St. Francis of Assisi - Triangle, VA
    St. James - Medjugorje, Bosnia
    St. John Evangelist - Warrenton, VA
    St. John the Beloved - McLean, VA   
    St. Maria in Transpontina - Rome, Italy
    St. Martin de Porres - Peoria, IL
    St. Matthew's Cathedral - Washington, D.C.
    St. Mary's - Emmetsburg, MD
    St. Paul's - Princeton, NJ
    St. Peter's - Bricktown, NJ
    St. Peter's Basilica Piazza - Rome, Italy   
    St. Ramond's - Palo Alto, CA   
    St. Raphael's - Bethesda, MD
    St. Thomas More Cathedral - Arlington, VA   
    St. Térčsa of Lisieux - National Shrine - Royal Oak, MI
    St. Timothy - Chantilly, VA   
    Sacred Heart Church - Norfolk, VA

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