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First - We foster the understanding that everyone is called to be a saint.  This is the reason for our birth, our life's task while on earth and our final reward.   

Second - The word DaCapo in Italian means, "The head".  In music, the performer is directed by the word "DaCapo" (DC) to return to the beginning . . . to "Start over." The DaCapo Foundation invites us turn to God and begin again, placing Christ at the center of life. 

Third - In God's creation, beside the angels already in heaven, the saints enjoy the vision of God.  The Foundation's goal is to demonstrate how men, women and children saw the circumstances in their lives as God-given opportunities to prove their love for Him.  Upon their earthly death, they are eternally rewarded. 

Finally - Because God-loving people desire to please Him more than themselves, The Foundation's final goal is to bring Christ's Gospel message to every country in the world.  True love leads us to cooperate with His grace to tell others what He has done to show His love for us.  This is what "Peace on Earth" really means. 

Your prayers and financial help strengthen our mission.  Contact us at: The DaCapo Foundation, P.O. Box 1512, Vienna, VA 22183, U.S.A.