Dial-The Catholic Faith Index
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“The restoration of society in Christ is the only cure for all the world’s evils.  No good is good which is not rooted and founded in Christ.”

 “If people do not hear of God, of the sacraments, and of eternal life, they will soon lose every good feeling; both civil and social.”        St. Pius X, pope

This index presents beliefs held and taught by the Catholic Church and found in its Catechism.

Faith & Life
    Level 01- I Believe
        A. God, The Father Of All
        B. God The Son, The Redeemer
        C. God The Holy Spirit, The Sanctifier
    Level 02 - Following Christ
        A. The Ten Commandments
        B. The Holy Mass
        C. The Last Things
        D. Christmas Season
    Level 03 - The Life Of Grace
        A. God Reveals Himself
        B. God Becomes Man
        C. God Shares His Life
    Level 04 - Our Life In The Church
        A. The Church
        B. The Christian In The World
        C. The Means To Fulfill Our Call To Holiness
        D. The Completion Of Christian Life