Dial-Thoughts of the Saints



So, when are we going to start doing something good?
St. Philip Neri


The saints are like a group of trees, each bearing different fruit, but watered from the same source. 
The practices of one saint differ from those of another, but it is the same spirit that works in all of them.

(Sayings of the Desert Fathers)


01 Jan    Fulgentius

Grace prevents the wicked, that he may become just.  It follows the just, that he may not become wicked.

02 Jan    Basil

For it is part of a truly great man not merely to be equal to great things, but also to make little things great by his own power.

We should not accept in silence the benefactions of God, but return thanks for them.

04 Jan    Elizabeth Ann Seton

When you are tempted to be impatient, consider for a moment how much more reason God has to be angry with you, and yet how constant is his patience and forbearance.

You think you make sacrifices.  Look at the sacrifice of Calvary and compare yours with it.

05  Jan    John Neumann

Teach me thy will, O dearest Lord, that I may begin and end all my actions for they greater glory.

06 Jan    Charles of Sezze

God does not command us to live dressed in hair-shirts and chains, or to chastise our flesh with scourges, but to love him above all things and our neighbor as ourselves.

10 Jan    Gregory of Nyssa

Childless indeed is pagan philosophy - always in pains of childbirth, it never engenders living offspring.

12  Jan    Benedict, abbot

If we wish to reach the highest peak of humility, we ascend by humbling ourselves and descend by praising ourselves.

17 Jan    Antony of Egypt

The entire life span of men is very brief when measured against the ages to come, so that all our time is nothing in comparison with eternal life.

The devils are envious of us Christians, they meddle with all things in their desire to frustrate our journey into heaven, so that we might not ascend to the place from which they themselves fell.

20  Jan    Sebastian

The devil strains every nerve to secure the souls which belong to Christ.  We should not grudge our toil in wresting them from Satan, and giving them back to God.

21 Jan    Epiphanius of Pavia

As by Mary heavenly peace was once for all given to the world, so by her are sinners still reconciled to God.

22 Jan    Vincent Pallotti

You must be holy in the way that God asks you to be holy.  God does not ask everyone to be a trappist monk or a hermit.  He wills that you sanctify the world and your everyday life.

23 Jan    John the Almsgiver

When the angels come to take our life, how upset will a person be if he is unready to die.  How he will beg that he be allowed a further short span of life.  The answer to him will be, "What about the time you have lived, have you not spent it well?"

24 Jan     Francis de Sales

Stretch forth your hand towards God as an infant towards its father to be directed by him.

In the royal galley of divine love, there is no galley slave: all the rowers are volunteers.

Our business is to love what God has done.  He wills our vocation as it is.  Let us love that and not trifle away our time desiring after the vocations of other people.

26 Jan    Polycarp

Serve God in fear and sincerity.  No more of the endless dull talks by those who are false; put your trust in him who raised our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, and gave him glory and a seat at his own right hand.

Pray for all God's people.  Pray too for all governors and rulers; for any who ill-treat you or dislike you; and for the enemies of the cross.

27 Jan    John Chrysostom

Humility is the only virtue no devil can imitate.  If pride made demons out of angels, there is no doubt that humility could make angels out of demons.

28 Jan    Thomas Aquinas

If you are looking for the way by which you should go, take Christ, because he himself is the way.

The Blessed Eucharist is the perfect sacrament of the Lord's passion, since it contains Christ himself and his passion.

31 Jan    John Bosco

Your reward in heaven will make up completely for all your pain and suffering.

Purity is the special reward of being humble.