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Create, creator, creation, creature: all of these words go together.  They tell us about God, the universe, and ourselves.

God is the Creator of Heaven and earth.  This means that he made everything.  A man may say he has "created" a work of art or a line of fashion clothing.  But he did not create them out of nothing.  He used things that were already around, such as paint or cloth.  Only God can truly create.  That is, only God can bring something into being from nothing.

All that God has made we call "creation".  That includes both Heaven and earth.  Each thing that God has created is a "creature".  (You can see the same root word in "create" and "creature".)  "Creature" usually brings to mind a lizard, a spider, or something out of a science fiction movie.  But an angel is just as much a creature as a lizard-or a mountain or a star or a man.

Is God a creature?  Of course not!  God alone is uncreated.  He had no beginning.  God is the cause of all creation.  A fairy tale is not written by a fairy-tale character, but by someone who is outside of the story.  In a similar way, God is not "part" of creation.

God did not need to create Heaven and earth.  But in his wisdom, he "saw that it was good" (Gen 1).  And in his love, he wanted others to enjoy the gift of life.  He wanted to give others the chance to know and love him.  Not only God the Father but God the Son and God the Holy Spirit took part in creation.  We learn this from the Bible.  "The Spirit of God moved across the waters", we read in the story of creation (Gen 1:3).  And when speaking of Jesus, God's Son, Saint John's Gospel says, "All things were made through him" (Jn 1:3).

Most people believe in God through faith.  But if we take a look at creation and think carefully, our minds can discover many things about God.  First, we can learn that there is a God.  How could this world have come to be without him?  Some people do not believe in God.  They think the universe made itself when mindless atoms came together by chance to make the stars and planets.  But we know that nothing can make itself.  The parts of a computer do not just come together by themselves.  Paint dripping on paper does not make itself into a picture of a mountain scene or a field of flowers.  It takes an intelligent mind to build a computer or paint a picture.  The universe is even more complicated and beautiful.  Only the perfect mind of God could have designed it.

Not only did God create the world, but he keeps it going according to his plan.  you can see how plants, animals, minerals, and the weather seem to work together in harmony.  Yet we know they do not think about working together.  The earth does not say, "I should turn on my axis so that there can be day and night."  The squirrel does not think to himself, "It is a good thing I forget to dig up some of the acorns I bury.  They will grow into oak trees someday."  Like the wise and loving father of many children, God directs all his creatures.

Many people do not stop to admire the things God has created or to thank him for them.  Knowing that God made the world-and made it for us-should make us see the world in a new light.  God made Heaven and earth for you.  They exist to remind you of God and to show you how great and good he is.  He wants you to enjoy them and be grateful for them. 

Next time you visit a zoo or see a wildlife program on TV think about God.  Remember that he made monkeys, raccoons, and bear cubs funny and entertaining for a reason.  The reason is that he knew you would enjoy them that way.

God knows that even little things, like the first snow of winter or the first robin of spring, can give us joy.  That is partly why he made them.  God is the Father of all creation and the loving Father of each of us.  He made the world for you.

God has given us rule over a part of creation so we may make a right and wise use of it.  That is why it is wrong for us to abuse or waste any of God's creation and gift to us.

God is called the Creator of Heaven and earth, that is, of the whole world, because he made it out of nothing.  Making something out of nothing is to create.  The world is entirely the work of God; and in its wonderful greatness, beauty, and order, it reflects to us the infinite power, wisdom, and goodness of God.  God created not only the material things that are in the world, but also the pure spirits, and he creates the soul of each human being.

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